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Tips On Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer can be very tricky, you are required to find someone who understands your needs, knows the law, and has handled your type of case. Using Rockhampton personal injury solicitor can make your easy and smooth. Here are tips to help you in your search for a good personal injury lawyer.

Ask For Referrals

personal injury casesThe preferred way to find a good personal injury lawyer is to ask family and friends. The word of mouth is important, they might have a lawyer who represented them in the past. Nowadays, online reviews have become the new word of mouth. The good thing about asking for referrals is that you talk to people you trust who have had a positive experience.

You can also get referrals from trusted professionals such as accountants, medical professionals, or even your pastor. When doing an online search, look for reviews from the websites. Try giving them a phone call, you will know if the office is a good fit for you or not.

Find A Reputable Attorney

A good attorney should be licensed and with no history of any disciplinary measures leveled against them. Look for attorneys who belong to a trial attorney association and check whether they have received awards or hold any leadership positions.

If you know previous clients you can ask them about their experience and satisfaction and how they handle customer relations. Search a few websites that provide ratings to see the top attorney ranks. In every state, there is a local bar association and all attorneys are registered in their database. Make sure you check the bar status for the most competent lawyers.


personal injuryMost personal injury lawyers run advertisements saying they can represent you but the question is do you know the extent of their training and their legal experience? Find out if the lawyer you contacted is the one who is going to represent you personally. An experienced attorney will always have insights into what goes on in such cases and probably has handled similar cases before.

Focus on a lawyer who has shown incredible results in winning personal injury cases, a track record can either make or break your case. You should ask your lawyer how many years of experience he has and in what types of cases does he mainly specializes. Ask for examples of recoveries they have made on behalf of clients. Large dollar recoveries are important in measuring your case success. Use a lawyer who has a clear understanding of the law for your specific type of case.

Discuss the Fees

This is the first conversation you should have with your lawyer. Let the lawyer put everything in writing to avoid confusion when it comes to payment. Discuss and agree to a free structure that is comfortable with you before hiring a lawyer.

Most personal injury lawyers work on contingency meaning they receive a third of the eventual settlement in addition to other office expenses. Another option is to find a lawyer that has a “no win no fee” policy. You can compare fees charged by different lawyers and settle on the suitable one.